Clintel Steed

Born 1977 Salt Lake City, UT

2005 Advanced Studies - New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, NY
2001 MFA, Indiana University
1997 Art Institute of Chicago, Summer Program, Florence, Italy
1999 BFA Painting, Art Institute of Chicago

2011 "A God's Eye Perspective" Knapp Gallery, Philadelphia PA, November 4
2011 "Snow Clones" ArtblogArtBlog Chelsea NY, August
2010 "Air Sonnet" Borghi Fine Art, Englewood NJ, November
2009 St. Philips Church, Harlem, New York, November
2009 Bridge Art Fair, March 5-8
2007 Sneaker D’el Art, Ellen’s Run Foundation, Southampton NY
2006 NY Studio School of Painting, Sculpture & Drawing: Advanced Research; Anne Becker & Clintel Steed
2006 St. Philips Church, Harlem, New York, May, Critique Group
2006 Concrete Walls, Los Angeles, California, March 31-April 29: Critique Group
2006 National Academy of Design, New York, May 20: Annual 181 Contemporary American Art.
2005 Solo Show: The Sugar Building Series, Mark Borghi Fine Art, Inc. Bridgehampton NY, August 17
2005 Phallus, Vagina, Tomb, Tobey Fine Arts, Aug-Sept, NY
2005 Clintel Steed, Dan Abraham & Cathy Depasquale, New York Studio School, NY
2004 Harlem Loves Art, 121 W 123rd St, NY
2004 Group Show, ArtforHealing Gallery W 57th St, NY
2004 Searching for the Image: Six Artists from the New York Studio School, The Von Leibig Art Center, Naples, FL
2004 Clintel Steed & Jimi Hamilton, New York Studio School, NY
2001 MFA Show, Indiana University Art Museum, IA

2009 Art Critical, March 6, 2009
2006 Art Magazine issue
2005 The New York Sun, August 9, review of Phallus,Vagina,Tomb at Tobey Fine Arts,
2003 St. Petersburg Times, May 28, “Six Artists in Search of an Image”
2004, October 3
2004 Harlem Loves, November 14
1994 Salt Lake City Tribune, December 8, “Art Student Turns Life Around”

My painting is about the explosion of an image and the impact that it makes. This series of paintings use images that I have taken from money and history books. I use images of war and disaster, politics and gossip. I paint about the black rage its feeling of being swallowed up, the feeling that in order to have power you need to have money. The images that interest me sometimes remind me of The Book of Revelations, instilled in me as a small child going to bible classes in a black Pentecostal Christian church. The battle between good and evil, heaven and hell was preached all the time. This struggle is still within me, the lust for money and the battle for power. Painting these ideas and icons, in a way, helps me meditate upon the emotions they conjure in a more contemplative way.